2. Notice from the Center
  3. Shikoku Trail Monitoring Procedures

Shikoku Trail Monitoring Procedures

This section describes the monitoring process, from application to appointment, monitoring and receipt of remuneration.

1. Apply to be a trail course monitor

If you meet the requirements for participation, please click the button below to apply.
We will ask for your name, nationality, contact information, desired monitoring period, desired course, trail experience, etc.

  Monitor Application Form

2. Our staff will contact you by email

Within a week, our staff will check your application form and will get back to you by email. We will explain the courses, dates, conditions, and precautions in detail. If you have any questions or requests, we can discuss them individually. If we come to a mutual agreement, we will formally ask you to join our project.

3. Submit documents

Please submit the following documents within a week after you are selected. We will send you an e-contract that you can sign and return, or you can print out and sign the PDF form from the button below.

  • Shikoku Trail Monitoring Agreement
  • Consent Form for Collection and Use of Personal Information

  Required Documents PDF

4. Documents will be sent to you

We will send you the following documents in advance.

  • Shikoku Japan 88 Route Guide (Guide Book)
  • A map of the monitoring course
  • A reference itinerary of the monitoring course
  • Pamphlets on the Shikoku Pilgrimage
  • A name tag to be attached to your backpack

5. Fill out the Pre-monitoring Questionnaire

Please complete the pre-monitoring questionnaire by clicking the button below at least 10 days prior to your arrival in Shikoku. In the questionnaire, we will ask you for information such as the date you plan to start monitoring, the date you plan to end monitoring, and your contact information during the trip.
The pre-monitoring questionnaire will be used to make arrangements for bike rental, baggage delivery, etc.

  Pre-monitoring Questionnaire

6. Hike and bike the course, taking photos on the way

  • Trail monitoring: hike and bike the trail course.
  • Schedule on the “reference itinerary” is a model itinerary. Feel free to change it according to your walking speed, physical strength, weather and interests. Do not push yourself so hard that you are exhausted!
  • However, if bike rental and luggage delivery services are included in the model itinerary, you need to use these services as a monitoring participant.
  • Please take photos of impressive places and events along the way. Also, we ask that you take photos of the road conditions, lodgings, meals, the bike you rented, and so on. If possible, we ask you to be in the photos.

7. Fill out the Post-monitoring Questionnaire and submit photos

Please complete the post-monitoring questionnaire by clicking the button below within a week after you finish monitoring the trail and send us at least 10 photos by email.

  Post-monitoring Questionnaire

8. Take a ZOOM interview (optional)

If possible, we would like you to participate in a 30-minute ZOOM interview (optional).
That is all the procedures we ask you to undertake as a monitoring participant.

9. Receive your remuneration

Once we confirm that you have completed steps 1-7 above, we will deposit the remuneration into your bank account in Japan or pay you directly by cash if we could meet in person in Takamatsu.