Shikoku Pilgrimage Information Center

About the Shikoku Pilgrimage Information Center

The Shikoku Pilgrimage Information Center aims to provide a safe and pleasant environment for travelers from outside Japan to visit the Shikoku Trails area.

Governing Body

This project to improve the environment for travelers was launched in May 2021, commissioned by the Shikoku District Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism to Hyakujushi (114) Economic Research Institute. As part of the FY2021 project*, we collected and organized information within the region, offered information in English on the website, developed model courses, created a system of tourist service centers, and conducted evaluations by foreign monitors. In collaboration with the local government, prefectural tourism associations, and many private businesses and experts, we have been working to build a foundation as a host destination.

In FY2022, we will continue to operate the Pilgrimage Information Center within Hyakujushi (114) Economic Research Institute. In addition to past efforts, the FY2022 project** will try to create a system for bike rentals and baggage delivery services to improve the transportation environment, strengthen local cooperation to understand the latest situation of pilgrimage courses and facilities, and promote the trails to foreign trail-lovers.

From a global perspective, our objective is to provide highly qualified, standardized information on pilgrimage courses, the region, and tourism, to enhance convenience for travelers, and to improve the system for accepting visitors. We also aim to operate as a sustainable, independent organization in the future.

*”FY2021 Shikoku District Transport Bureau, Demonstration Project to rebuild the Environment for Accepting Visitors to the Shikoku Pilgrimage with a theme of Adventure Travel and Long Trails”
**”FY2022 Shikoku District Transport Bureau, Demonstration Project for Establishment of a Center with the Function of Managing the Shikoku Pilgrimage as Long Trails

Hyakujushi (114) Economic Research Institute is a regional bank-affiliated think tank based in Kagawa with the mission of regional revitalization.